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ALROUNDAFRICA INT’L FOUNDATION is registered in 2015 with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a non-governmental organization (Reg. CAC/IT/NO/79460).

We are poised to stimulating positive financial change, promoting social responsibility, and economical sustainability in our society as well as facilitate intergenerational relationship. We develop appropriate Behaviourial Change mechanism used in advocating for value re-orientation and active participation in self and community development.

Also, we are committed to promoting financial freedom of vulnerable persons in the African society.

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What we do

The Operations, General Administration and Records of ALROUNDAFRICA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION is hinged on a multi-sectorial approach via the following directorates as its modulus of operandi: 

The directorates are:

-Community Agriculture

-Youths & Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

-Grass-root Education

-Community Infrastructure and Project Development

AAIF has a managerial concept reflecting the various hierarchy of the organization administration down to the grass-root to facilitate effective performance. Community supervisors, local, State and Regional coordinators are also factored into the administrative system to enhance ease in the managerial processes. The use of community leaders (Chiefs, Emirs, Igwes and Obas) are paramount and has never been over-emphasized.           


To impact lives via services to humanity.


Touching lives across Africa through community services in the area of Agriculture, Grass-root Education, Youth/Woman entrepreneurship & empowerment, and Community Projects Development.

What we do

We are hinged on a multi-sectorial approach via the following directorates as its modulus of operandi


4, Gp Captain TB Kwem Close, Phase 1, Army Post-Housing Scheme. Kurudu, F.C.T -Abuja


Our Aims and Objectives

Organizational Structure

Help in capacity building and a strong Organizational Structure in community-based corporatives to support the efforts of Government, Corporate Bodies and Development Partners to alleviate poverty and unemployment.

Skills Acquisition

Proactively engaged in the area of skills acquisitions and empowerment through agriculture, youth and women capacity building, grass-root education and community project development thereby creating a community system void of extreme poverty.

Economical Sustainability

Promote Financial Responsibility and Economical Sustainability in communities across Africa.

Our Organizational Structure

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